Inuit Art during Covid-19

The world is fighting a pandemic caused by the virus Covid 19.

For the duration of the pandemic,  I am identifying the Inuit artists who are still carving during these unsettled times in a Collection called the “Covid Collection”.

You can read my explanation for this designation in the subheading “Covid Collection” located below my logo on the home page.

As I was unpacked my first admissions to this collection (seven unabashedly charming sculptures from Toonoo Sharkey) I found myself experiencing the emotions I often have when I meet a carving for the first time.  They run the gamut from excitement, to delight and finally often a euphoric sense of contentment.
covid collection toonoo sharky

Even during grim times, art is a precious commodity.

This quote from Thomas Merton (a 20th century American Trappist monk and poet) sums it up for me.

            “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”.


Bryce Herron,
President and Curator,