Inuit Sculptures Art Gallery

$240.00 CAD

Inuit Gifts Inc. Appraisals provides quality fine Inuit art appraisals for insurance coverage, non-cash charitable donations, resale/sale purposes, estate planning, insurance loss/damage claims and CRA / IRS estate tax.

We have offered Appraisals to our clients since 2008.

The Inuit Art Foundation has licensed our Inuit art gallery as an Igloo Tag holder. This designation allows us to appraise Inuit art and determine a fair and accurate price for these unique Canadian carvings.

Inuit Sculptures is relied upon for our expertise and ethical standards in this appraisal process.

Our mandate is to provide our clients with extremely high quality, well supported, thoroughly documented appraisal reports in a timely manner.

The fair price you receive for your carving will reflect the accuracy and appropriateness of our appraisal.

Our established criteria to follow when appraising a piece of Inuit art is as follows:

Click here to see a sample of our Appraisals.

Included in our package is:

- Signed Letter of appraisal
- Estimated value of the piece
- Biography of the artist
- Certified Igloo Tag
- List of exhibitions (if they participated)

With a letter of appraisal, you can be sure to maximize the value of your piece as opposed to just hearsay. Our price is $240. In order to proceed, simply checkout on this page. Once this step is complete, send us as much info you have regarding your piece to This should include:

1) A few pictures of the piece (including one of the artists signature or initials if available)

2) Dimensions (Length, Height, Width, Depth & Approximate weight)

3) Any documentation that came with the carving

4) Picture of the Igloo Tag (if available)

Appraisals take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete of which a card stock certificate will be mailed to your address.

Once the appraisal is complete, should you decide to sell it, we have a list of venues who specialize in the sale of pre-owned Inuit art. They of course will charge a small commission for their services.

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