Gjoa Haven

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Romancing the Stone: The Gjoa Haven Collection
In the hamlet of Gjoa Haven, (high above the Arctic Circle on King William Island) lives a colony of Inuit artists. I believe their carving style is the most imaginative and fascinating of all the Arctic regions.
Gjoa Haven sculptures are often wildly exuberant.
Their inlaid facial features can be comical or ridden with despair.
But, rather than being oppressive, these carvings have a simple playfulness that enchant and bewitch.
Having spent a year with our “Gjoas”, we have come to cherish their extroverted, joyful and exuberant personalities.
The love of art enthusiasts for these carvings is undeniable.
To this day, Karoo Ashevak’s (b Gjoa Haven 1940-1974) artwork continues to be among the most highly prized by collectors and art museums around the world.
This collection of Gjoa Haven carvings is the largest and most diverse we have seen in a gallery. We are honoured to bring them to our loyal clients. 
Welcome to the Magical world of Gjoa Haven.