Carving Restoration & Repair

Inuit Sculptures Art Gallery

$350.00 CAD

Inuit art is an investment - pure and simple. There are not too many things in life that you can say that about. A beautiful Inuit carving is a treasure that you can admire and cherish, while knowing at the same time it will appreciate in value. Inuit art is one of those rare commodities on this planet that does that. No matter which piece you own, chances are, if you hold onto it for 10 - 20 years, it will at the very least double in value.

Many of our clients have pieces they Love, and then experience that unfortunate mishap where the carving falls off a table and breaks. Life happens, we understand that, and this is why I am writing this article. We are here to rectify your situation and make your carving look as good as new again.

On that narrative, you would be amazed to see what we are able to do with your broken pieces. Pieces that you would never imagine to be repairable, can be fully restored to perfection where you will not even remember or see where it was broken to begin with.

We dispatch all restoration projects to an Inuit artist. He does spectaular work and manages to make every single broken piece look new again.

For minor repairs, such as scratches or chips, this is something that will typically cost $150 - $350.

For larger repairs (such as a broken or a shattered foot), this one particular Inuit artist in the North that we know is beyond amazing at restoring and repairing carvings. I have never seen anyone do what he does. He has worked miracles for our clients. I have had clients hand me over 80 lbs, 25" Nuna Parr bears worth over $20,000 - completely shattered - and surprised to see that their piece was returned completely new. They couldn't even see where the cracks or broken pieces were. He is able to repair your broken piece to a better than new state. This equally holds true for older pieces, newer pieces, small trinkets or $20,000 masterpieces. This guy is absolutely incredible when it come to repairs and restoration. 

Below are some typical examples and approximate price ranges of what you can expect:.

Typically, small scratches, blemishes or clean chips can be done in-house: $150 - $350.

Example 1

restoration inuit art restoration inuit art

Example 2

Inuit Eskimo Art Restoration and Repair Inuit Eskimo Art Restoration and Repair

Example 3

Restoration Inuit Eskimo Art Restoration Inuit Eskimo Art

Example 4

 Repair Carving Repair Inuit Carving

Accessory replacements such as tusks from a walrus or a baton from a hunters hand that went missing are easy to replace: $250




Soapstone Restoration

Pieces that have shattered or broken pieces: $375 and up

Restoration Repair Inuit Carving Soapstone Eskimo Art Restoration Repair Inuit Carving Soapstone Eskimo Art

Pieces that need reconstruction, where a part of the stone is missing: $700 and up.

Repairs generally take anywhere from one week to a month to complete. 

U.S. Buyers, please put CANADIAN INUIT ART in order to avoid paying duties and brokerage fees when entering Canada. 

Note* Please do not ask how the repairs are done. Just be confident that they WILL be done to perfection. Large and small repairs take the artist "10 years and a few days to do". If you understand the meaning behind this, then you get it.

Please contact us with your broken piece and we will give you an estimate of how much it should cost at 1 800 457-8110 or at

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