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                                                                Around the world, Canada is recognized for its Maple syrup AND its Inuit artcorporate gift Inuit Eskimo Carving Art 

Lucky is the foreign delegate or business leader who receives a gift of Inuit art.

What should I choose?

We have a large selection of magnificent carvings at a wide range of prices. 

Generally, the price increases with the size of the carving and the artist's reputation.

We are happy to help you with your selection. 

If you have many gifts, you may want to consider small to medium size Dancing bears or the ever popular Inukshuk.

For a single retirement gift, a large sculpture could be a better choice.

We are proud of our stunning glass and crystal bases.  Your magnificent carving sits on "ice" which allows for a laser inscribed commemorative message. (bases and inscriptions are an added cost)

Do you need Free and Fast Shipping?

In an emergency, we can usually complete your order in 72 hours.  

Under normal circumstances, we would be grateful for a turn around time of 2 weeks.

We offer unique plans for our corporate clients and aim to suit your needs best with fast shipping service and added features such a gift wrap, artist biographies etc...

At, we ensure accurate descriptions, proper packaging, tasteful gift wrap and fast delivery. 

For orders of over 10 items, our tailored gift wrapped will be included. 

                                                                See our Samples below:

corporate gift inuit carving
Step 1. Decide on the sculpture you would like to have;

Step 2. Choose the base (Iceberg shaped or Square shaped which is for larger carvings)

Option A: Laser Inscription on Iceberg Glass base - 340 CAD

Option B:
 Laser inscription on Squared crystal base - 440 CAD

** To add your Logo, please send it in Adobe Illustrator vectorized. Extension should be .ai or .eps

Step 3. We are here to help. Contact us at or call our toll free number 1 800 457-8110 

As our name  Inuit Gifts suggests, we will present your sculpture beautifully wrapped if requested. 

 Please contact us so that we can customize your order today.

Be assured we will complete your order as you request.

We promise to send you only good things