2023 Cape Dorset Print Collection

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This year, the studio introduces eight artists to the annual print collection: Napachie Ashoona, Matthew Flaherty, Kakee Ningeoseak, Josie Pootoogook, Ashley Qavavau, Pitsiulaq Qimirpik, Susie Saila, and Napatchie Toonoo.

Inuit art enthusiasts will be familiar with Napachie Ashoona, Matthew, Kakee, and Pitsiulaq for their accomplishments in sculpture, and we are excited to display their capabilities as multidisciplinary artists. Josie’s work continues the artistic legacy of the Pootoogook clan, Napatchie Toonoo’s invokes classic stonecut imagery, and Susie’s vivid style is aptly translated to print. Impressively, Ashley is making her mark as the youngest artist in the collection, at the age of 20. She follows in the footsteps of her great grandmother, Sheojuk Etidloie, and great grandfather, Pudlo Pudlat.

The 2023 print collection exemplifies both the steadfast skill and constant development present at Kinngait Studios. From Ningiukulu Teevee’s mastery of the narrative image to Matthew Flaherty’s elegant forays into graphic media, this collection centres around the artists’ versatility. Experimenting with colour and form, this collection displays the artists’ expertise in what makes a successful print and simultaneously challenges audiences’ expectations. The result is a series of prints that are familiar, yet refreshing.

Megan Sue-Chue-Lam (Dorset Fine Arts)