Meet Our Gentle Giants - Goota Ashoona & Bob Kussy

COMING SOON             

The most MONUMENTAL carvings we have ever offered our clients!
In the next few weeks, I will be displaying the largest Inuit sculptures I have ever acquired, in my gallery in Hudson, Quebec and on my INUITSCULPTURES.COM website.
These titans measure up to three feet in height! 
They are breathtakingly beautiful.
We have two Walking bears from Joe Jaw Ashoona, an artist whose bears are cherished among collectors.
joe jaw ashoona
 joe jaw ashoona joe jaw ashoona
RESERVED** Masterpiece 300 lbs Black Walking Bear by Joe Jaw Ashoona
Bob Kussy and Goota Ashoona’s Legendary Umiak / Migration Boat is now listed on the site and is in the gallery. This piece rivals Joe Talirunilli’s Migration Boat which is the highest selling piece of Inuit carving ever sold.
goota ashoona bob kussy
Paul Bruneau’s  exquisite “Torso of a Woman” is reminiscent of Michelangelo’s classical sculptures. I have never seen its equivalent by an Inuit artist. 
I can’t wait to introduce you to  Nordstrum .....  our Norse Queen.  She tells the story of how the Thule people (Inuit) conquered Greenland’s Norse (Vikings) in 982 AD.
Every one of these large carvings challenges your artistic aesthetic.
They are bold and audacious.....
Expansive in size....
Enormous in heart...
Their investment potential is tremendous.
Your Collection is about to change!