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Finally! A Lucassie Muskox!

To tell you the painstaking process I had to go through in order to acquire this exquisite muskox by Lucassie is like having your teeth pulled. It is no secret that getting master carvings from master carvers of the likes of Lucssie Ikkidluak, Pitseolak Qimirpik, Nuna Parr, and Ashevak Tunnellie is incredibly difficult. But in the end, it is all worth it. Having to butt in line, and fight tooth and nail against other galleries is what allowed me to acquire these two gorgeous Muskox by Lucassie last week.

I have honestly never had one of his Muskox for longer than two months. They are that hot on the market. Especially now with his age hitting 70.

What I really like about his Muskox is that they have combining elements of stone and antler with beautiful etched in eyes. This mixture of color, tone and material give his Muskox a beautiful intensity that makes them instantly noticeable. Lucassie takes a very long time just to carve each Muskox. He is one of Canada's premier artists and is why it is hard to find his work available to the public.

Click here to see Lucassie musk ox available

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