Spotlight on Treasures Hiding in the Gallery

What did you miss the first, second or even third time you explored the gallery?
Need a bit of help?
Every tour needs a tour guide. Here we go.....

Etelu Ashevak's  16" Slender Dancing Bear

So many Dancing bears ...... one foot, two feet, sometimes four!  
Twirling, jabbing, praying, diving, swirling.
How do you choose?
Each Dancing bear has its own beauty.

Etelu's bear is moderately large, has the most exquisite dark stone and is well priced for its size.  Always a bonus!

What I love .......!

His ample muscular bear body BUT Etelu tapers the bear into a slender neck and head. The slimmer face focuses our attention on the meticulously carved nose, mouth and ears. 

I would love to see Etelu carve only a bear head.
I believe it would be stunning. 

Pits Qimirpik    6" Rapping and Dancing Hare

Even though everyone loves a bunny, Arctic hare sculptures are not as common as you would think. 
Many of the hares are carved by Pits or Johnny Lee Judea.

What I love .......!

This is a rapping, hip hopping HARE!! 
This carving is showing the South, that Inuit life isn't about igloos and dog sleds anymore.  
Inuit youth love hip hop and rap.
They are hooked into the internet with streaming services and Netflix. 

Pits'  modern Arctic hare doesn't just sit on its haunches and wiggle its nose to while away the time.
Pits' modern Arctic hare is under the spell of hip hop; a dance originally inspired by African dancing. His exuberance is contagious. 
Can't you hear the music?

And of course, the modern Arctic hare isn't a mundane single colour!
Pits' has covered his hare in torquoise and gold and inky black colours.
Very Mod! 


Irene Tiktalaaq    53' x 40" Felted Luxury 

It seems to me that Inuit textile artisans do not receive the attention they deserve.
Did you know that Irene Tiktalaaq (Baker's Lake, NU) is a superstar among Canada's Inuit artists? One of her majestic pieces hangs in Canada House in London, England. She has been commissioned by museums, art galleries and governments around the world to create her tapestries and soft textile art pieces.

What I love ...........!

This tapestry is made from a luxury quality felt (wool fibres that are matted, condensed and pressed together).
This is not the felt you used for school projects!
The felt is thick, and soft and cool to the touch. It is sensual like velvet.
The colours are rich.
The embroidery work impeccable.  
Irene's tapestry is both a beautiful piece of soft art and an homage to one of Canada's finest Inuit artists.
Every day I enjoy the serenity and peace that surrounds this tapestry as it hangs proudly in our gallery.

Thank You for joining the tour today.
It was my pleasure to be your guide.