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Spotlight on Elite Master Carver Jimmy Iqaluq

Jimmy Iqaluq is the first Inuit carver I met (2007) when I lived in the Arctic. I was a bush pilot for Air Inuit and during an Arctic blizzard in Sanikiluaq, my airplane was snowed in and grounded for a week.

In the hotel lobby, I noticed an incredible loon carving.  I was pointed toward the home of Jimmy Iqaluq.  I walked over and knocked on his door.  He was gracious and humble. He and his wife knew very little English but the three of us managed to understand each other.

Eventually I purchased my very first Inuit carving from Jimmy in anticipation of one day starting my own Inuit art gallery. Jimmy's loons have become his signature piece.

Jimmy and I have been friends for over 16 years. I used Jimmy's loon as my logo in honour of our relationship.  Jimmy is now one of Canada's top Master Carvers.

I have sold many Jimmy loons over the past 13 years.  Each one is exquisite and awe inspiring. Our current Jimmy loon I believe is perhaps his best piece. Believe me when I say, each of his loons, indeed, each of his carvings are majestic and unforgettable.

One of his signature features is the inlaid red eye.  He uses a red stone which he finds near his summer cottage.  You will see that the walrus and the Loon we currently have in the gallery, have red eyes.


Jimmy deserves all his awards and accolades.  He has international presence and is in the Elite level of Canada's Master carvers. I still call Jimmy and he sends his stunning pieces to me directly.  He is still Jimmy from Sanikiluaq. Modest and extremely talented.

No Inuit art collection is complete without a Jimmy Iqaluq carving. 

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My personal favorite Inuit sculpture in the Gallery for this month

Although I insist on never buying sculptures unless there of AAA quality, there are still some pieces that grace their way to our gallery that are of exceptional quality and deserve extra distinction and attention. Here are some of them that I actually don't mind selling too fast.

This amazing Pitseolaq Qimirpik eagle is not only one of his larger pieces that he's attempted, but the detail and crispness of the lines are exquisitely done to perfection. You will not get too see many large eagles of this magnitude made by Pitseolak. For the most part, acquiring stone large enough is an extremely difficult feet on its own. Furthermore, it takes him exponentially longer in time to complete a piece of this size compared to some of the smaller pieces.The finish and high gloss effect of this piece radiates its immediate surroundings. It is definitely worthy of being in a museum and is certain to be praised by auctioneers sometime in the nearest future.



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