11" Walrus by Jimmy Iqaluq *Hanging Out*

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Jimmy Iqaluq

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Inuit art: Walrus 
Inuit Artist: Jimmy Iqaluq
Size: 11" long, 4" high, 5" wide. 6 lbs
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU 20
Stone: Argillite (polished to mirror shine)
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Have you seen a walrus carving that is more tantilizing than this one?

Tantalizing because this is a mixed media sculpture.

Mixed media describes artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed.

The stone is argillite polished to a mirror shine.

The walrus' eyes are brilliant red and inset.  Take a close look.

THEN, there are the individually carved small perfect claws and the perfectly proportioned tusks  They are carved from caribou antler.

Finally, the whiskers are fishing line.  Tell me, when have you seen an Inuit carver insert individual whiskers into the muzzle of a walrus except with Jimmy Iaqluq?

Jimmy is a meticulous and fastidious carver.  This devotion to detail is one of the reasons he is one of Canada's top five Inuit carvers.

This is a brilliantly polished and beautifully detailed walrus by world-famous Jimmy Iqlauq. It encompasses all the features that make a carving great.  

I love the ripples in the walrus hide. The ripples simulate the rolls of insulating fat just under the walrus' skin. Walruses are large, "sprawling" animals.
The flow and movement of this piece makes it a one of a kind Jimmy Iqaluq sculpture.
Jimmy likes to experiment and carve different subjects, this time he created a fantastic walrus. 

As always with Jimmy's sculptures every detail is a masterpiece. 

See our August 15, 2021 blog Spotlight on Elite Master Carver Jimmy Iqaluq.


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