No Arguments. These Carvings are Mandatory for Your Collection

Do you struggle with the question, "What carvings SHOULD I have in my Inuit art collection?"

Like many collectors, you buy what you love,

BUT you have this nagging feeling that maybe you are missing something because you don't understand the subject or you don't have the $ or the space to expand your collection.

The title of this blog is, of course, "tongue in cheek" BUT I would like to pass on some pearls to you about collecting Inuit art.  

But, before we design our fantasy Inuit art collection, let's set some ground rules.


First, money is no object.

Second, we can acquire any carving we want at the magic Coop.
Third, we have unlimited space to house our collection.

And fourth, you don't have to please anyone with your choice of carving except yourself. (No eye rolling, no smirks, no comments about price)
I did say this is a fantasy collection.


!. Choose at least one Signature piece from the Master Carvers.

Master Carvers are usually in their senior years having spent 30-40 years in their trade.
They have International acclaim and their carvings are exhibited in a National Art Gallery (WAG, AGO, National Art Gallery of Canada).
Master Carvers are often recognized by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA)

2. Recognize that as the Master Carvers age, their physical conditions limit their productivity.  

Carving stone is a difficult occupation that is detrimental to the artist's health.
Chronic lung disease, severe arthritis, accidental death transporting stone: the list is long.
Many of the current Master carvers now produce only one or two carvings a year.

3. When a Master Carver "retires" suddenly everyone is trying to purchase any remaining inventory from that carver. 

Once those carvings are gone from the Inuit art Galleries, the carvings become very difficult to acquire.

Now, you will have to search the Auction houses. Here, you are bidding against many collectors and there is usually a buyers fee of around 20%. Translation: you pay 20% of your purchase price to the Auction house to offset their expenses.

4. Take home message 

If your dream Master Carver sculpture suddenly appears, don't procrastinate. Make it yours!

Next month, get to know the Signature Carvings of the Master Carvers.

Toonoo Sharky Bird Spirit