Joamie Ipeelee (1963-2020)

Joamie Ipeelee (1963-2020)

My friend and colleague Joamie Ipeelee died unexpectedly the week of Sept 17, 2020.

Joamie Ipeelee (1963-2020)

Joamie was the head of my Restoration division. There wasn’t a broken carving that he couldn’t restore with enthusiasm and love.

Joamie Ipeelee died unexpectedly the week of Sept 17, 2020.

I had only just called emailed him, asking him how he was, just like I had done so many times before.

He did not respond.
To say I was shocked when I heard the news is, as they say, an understatement.

Joamie was a spirited soul. He was innovative and yet understated. His muskox sculptures could stand the scrutiny of the harshest critics. He did not produce a large volume of carvings but each one was a testament to his artistic talent and love for his subjects.

The gallery is so fortunate to have recently secured 4 of Joamie’s exquisite muskox carvings.

Joamie Ipeelee (1963-2020)
Joamie Ipeelee (1963-2020)
Joamie Ipeelee (1963-2020)

The Inuit carvers are a small and unique community. Every time we lose one of these artists, it means a loss of not just a beloved human being, but the loss of a Canadian artist who bequeathed the world with gifts of artistry and inspiration.

I am proud to be the steward of these magnificent Ipeelee sculptures.

They will truly be the last representations of Joamie’s strength and brilliance as an Inuit artist.


Bryce Herron

Owner & Head Curator


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