Orca Killer Whale Carvings by Derrald Taylor

At tDerrald Taylorhe gallery, we have seen our number of themed animal carvings, ranging from bears to loons to narwhals etc.

We rarely get a chance to see Orca whales. This is a Northern animal located mainly in the Pacific ocean off the coast of western Canada. This marine mammal is absolutely amazing.

Master carver Derrald Taylor was the first Inuit artist I saw carve one of these beautiful beasts. When he showed them to me, I knew immediately that I had to showcase them in the gallery.

The problem was, that these Orcas were so popular and in such high demand, we had to wait almost two years before he made a set for us. In 2019, this moment arrived. Taylor assembled a carving that is not just the nicest Orca that we have seen from an artist, it is one of the nicest carvings we have ever seen period.

derrald taylorThe sublime black stone resonates with spectacular brilliance. It electrifies the entire room. Moreover, these whales look incredibly real because they are so masterfully detailed. These beautiful creatures have been sculpted to perfection.

We are proud to announce that as of April 1st, 2019, we have two sets of these beautiful carvings to offer to our clients.