Life in the North - What its like for the Inuit of today

As the "About Us" section states, I am a pilot. I began my career as a bush pilot in the far North. I am not sure which came first... my fascination of the Inuit which lead me to this profession; or the profession itself which led to my relocation to the far North. Either way, it was an experience of a lifetime. Both in terms of pure joy and happiness, to absolute misery and depression. Becoming immersed in a completely different culture which is still considered the last frontier of America is something every young man should experience. It goes well beyond the "european backpacking trip". Living somewhere is a completely different experience from just visiting.

Life in the NorthMy experiences up there for those five years was a tremendous one. I learnt a great deal about other cultures and was particularly fascinated with the Inuit way of life. Their language is completely different. Their food is completely different. Their way of life is completely different. They are what I consider to be a true distinct society within Canada and North America.

Here is a wonderful documentary that exhibits the way of life of the Inuit today. It is an award winning documentary and I found it to be an exact rendition of my own experiences up their.

Living With Giants