How to display your Narwhal Tusk

I recently sold another narwhal tusk to a client. Of course they were absolutely thrilled with it, but wanted to know the best way to display it.

For your information - This is the WRONG way to display them:

We had a client in the past who told us they mounted it on their wall. They had it  placed onto a red cherry wood base with two hooks.

It seemed interesting enough, but to be honest, I find in doing so makes them look like a trophy display hunters use to hang up onto their cabin walls.

On the contrary, a narwhal tusk is sleek, avant garde, exotic and modern looking and deserves to be showcased as such. (at least that's how I see them). For the longest time, we ourselves did not fully know what the best way to showcase them was. 

That was up until I met my client and friend in Vancouver. She LOVES narwhal tusks and she had such a simple solution that really stood out from anything else I have ever seen. Picture below:

narwhal tusk display

This is her gorgeous tusk overlooking beautiful Vancouver. When I went to her highrise condo and saw this... I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!

This is the quintessential way to display modern art. She used a simple wine holder. So minimalist, so easy, and the definition of designer perfection. The wine holder does exactly what it is supposed to do (display the tusk). It does not compete with it. It does not look too flashy, nor is it tacky and ugly. It does not distract the attention of the viewer. Instead, it allows the tusk to draw the attention of the viewer all on its own.

It is the definition of minimalism and is by far the best way I have ever seen a tusk displayed. The wine holder costs less then 40 bucks.

You can get them, or others from amazon. Here is the link.

On that note, if you ever want to make an impression in your home or office, a narwhal tusk will be one of the coolest art pieces you will ever own. It will definitely intrigue your audience. It will be something that everyone will remember about your space. Having one will differ you from everyone else, drumming to the beat of your own path. And at the end of the day, this is what great art is supposed to do.

We only receive a few narwhal tusks a year, if you are interested in purchasing one, click here.