Featured Carver - Paul Bruneau

paul bruneauFeatured Carver - Paul Bruneau

This month the Gallery is featuring acclaimed artist Paul Bruneau and his exquisite Inukshuks.

Paul was fortunate to meet celebrated Inuit artist Idris Moss-Davis during his childhood and together they formed a lasting friendship. Idris mentored Paul in carving techniques and the pair began carving together. Paul was inspired by Idris Moss-Davis’ talent and credits Idris for teaching him to carve exquisite sculptures.

Paul Bruneau Inukshuk Paul Bruneau




Paul’s Inukshuks are unmatched in the Inuit world. The are wild alien characters fashioned from opulent deeply coloured marble, stacked together in near impossible angles. These carvings are beautiful, refined and definitely cosmopolitan. Paul’s Inukshuks can only be described as “divine”.

We currently have a small number of his Inukshuks in the Gallery. We are one of the few galleries honoured with his work. The serpentine stone is multicoloured and so unusual that one finds oneself mesmerized by the stone. Paul’s talent for animating each Inukshuk creates a sculpture that will never be paralleled.

To view some of his beautiful inukshuks, click here.