An Inuit sculpture or print make wonderful wedding gift

Finally, our glorious Canadian¬† ūüá®ūüᶠsummer has arrived bringing with it THE CANADIAN¬†¬†WEDDING.

Almost every Canadian faced with the daunting task of selecting the perfect¬†wedding¬†gift has thought ‚ÄúI‚Äôm going to give a piece of Inuit art!‚Ä̬†¬†

This is a unique Canadian experience.  Inuit carvings are highly prized and unique within the international art market.  International travellers have become insatiably hungry for a Canadian Arctic experience.  This appetite for the Inuit is reflected in the increasing interest in the acquisition of high quality Inuit carvings by art enthusiasts.

Inuit art is the perfect gift for a wedding.  It is as unique as the wedding couple and will last forever.  Just like the wedding couple!

The choices and price range are vast. Choose one of our coveted and iconic Manasie Akpaliapik owls or select a delightful and precious dancing bear by Markosie Papigatook or Mosesee Pootoogook. 

Manasie is a Master within the Inuit Master carvers. 


His owls are internationally adored and most collectors recognize them instantly.  Gifting a Manasie owl (or really any of his carvings), would be on par with giving a Group of Seven painting to a special couple. 




Giving Art as a wedding gift often encourages a lifelong passion for Collecting Tuk Nuna’s energetic bears are also inspirational. A gift of Nuna or Tim Pee’s bears would provide a lifetime of joy and artistic perfection.

Inuit art is energetic and spirited.  Carvings are multifaceted.  They can fit nicely into a traditional decorative setting or be very avante garde.  Ningeocheak’s Birdman Transformation with its industrial look, would please any bridal couple who loves the Modern esthetic.

Our price range is vast.  Our collection of Small Bears and Treasures under $500 are simply smaller versions of our high quality larger carvings.  They are intricately carved and sophisticated and can also serve as a gift for groomsmen or bridesmaids. 

Even a flower girl or ring bearer would cherish Temela Pitseolak’s Curious Owl or Donny Pitsiuluk’s Basking Seal.

This would be the gift of a lifetime which would also have significant investment potential.  A group of family members or friends could give a gift if this calibre.

I am always available to my clients for help in choosing special gifts.
Enjoy your summer.