Spotlight on Hockey Night in Nunavut

The Habs are in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 28 years!

The Montreal Canadiens are Canada's most storied franchise, chasing the world's most recognized sports trophy, playing Canada's national game.


The Habs have been around since 1909, winning 24 Stanley Cups.

Hockey is part of the Canadian psyche.

Quebec, in particular, obsesses over the Canadiens.

BUT are you aware that the people of Nunavut are also "rabid" Habs fans?

When my friend and renowned carver Jimmy Iqaluq realized I was a life long Habs fan, he carved this charming Habs polar bear for me as a surprise.

Fact: Jordin Toonoo was the first Inuk to play in the NHL.

Fact: Since 2005, Project North has ventured to the most remote Inuit communities handing out over $1 million in hockey equipment to impassioned Inuit youth eager to play organized hockey.


Fact: The Habs' goalie Carey Price was regularly flown to Williams Lake, BC by his dad Barney Toonoo so he could play in organized hockey.  Barney is an Inuk from Nunavut.

Sports are so frequently the glue that binds.

Hockey, especially the Montreal Canadiens, is Canada's pride and passion.