Restoration and Repair Services

Discover our FULL SERVICE  Repair, Restoration and Rejuvenation Department.

We guarantee METICULOUS  RESTORATION of damaged carvings.

NO VISIBLE repair lines.
We invite you to see a small sample of before and after projects we have completed over the years.
We can almost assure you, that no matter how bad the damage is, our restore can have it look new again.
Carving Restoration & Repair

Your INVESTMENT will look BRAND if it never happened!

Our master art conservator and restorer is.... a professional restorer and impeccable carver.

His work is acclaimed around the world.

Rest assured....99% of damaged carvings can be restored to their Original condition.
Carving Restoration & Repair

350-450$  Small scratches, clean chips
300$           Replace accessories (tusks, drums)    
550+$.       Broken with No missing parts
850+$.       Reconstruct missing parts
Repairs take from one week to one month.

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Carving Restoration & Repair
Inuit art is an investment - pure and simple. There are not too many things in life that you can say that about. A beautiful Inuit carving is a treasure that you can admire and cherish, while knowing at the same time it will appreciate in value. Inuit art is one of those rare commodities on this planet that does that. No matter which piece you own, chances are, if you hold onto it for 10 - 20 years, it will at the very least double in value.

Many of our clients have pieces they Love, and then experience that unfortunate mishap where the carving falls off a table and breaks. Life happens, we understand that, and this is why I am writing this article. We are here to rectify your situation and make your carving look as good as new again.
Carving Restoration & Repair