Are base plaques appropriate for a carving as a corporate gift?

So I had a corporate client who bought a gorgeous 'Jimmy Iqaluq' carving from us today.

In the process of assisting him with the transaction, he asked me the style of base he should affix this carving to when presenting to his client.

I suggested that I personally preferred having no base. I find overall, a base draws the viewers attention away from the carving by distracting away to the other fixtures like the base or the written placards on it.

A carving is supposed to be close to its elements of nature and have an overall minimalist appearance to it. What draws audiences to Inuit carvings is their balance between tradition and abstract. The Inuit seem to have found the perfect balance with these two styles.

Having a carving set onto a base in my opinion takes away from this minimalist and abstract feel and adds a certain tackiness and unnecessary loudness to the piece.

If you are insistent on going with a base, than be certain not to have the carving glued on. Reason why is because most carvings have the signature located on the bottom of the piece which will be lost forevor should it be glued to a base.

Secondly, its nice for the client to always have that option of taking it off or on.They will be very appreciative of having that option.

In summary, I still feel no base is the best way to go when presenting a carving as a corporate gift.