Inuit Youth of Arviat

I used to live in the Canadian far North. My endeavors of becoming a pilot was what brought me there. One thing that I remember well is just how little sunlight there was in the winter time. So much so, that you could easily get depressed and suffer from cabin fever and isolation.

I remember those sombre 5AM flights, waking up, looking outside at a blizzard in the starkness of night. It would stay that way for an entire week before the sun would pop out again through the clouds.

Here is a wonderful video that really captures how the mood can sometimes be in the far North. It often gets ignored in favor of the nostalgia of the Inuit ancestors. But it is real and it is here and will never leave.

Dancing Towards The Light

The video is about teen youth living in the remote community of Arviat. To escape the winter depression, the community organized a dance competition. It is an accurate depiction of life in the North and is how I experienced it.

Arviat is a very remote community. One of the industry's pioneering artists Lucy Tasseor comes from Arviat. They carve with a very condensed stone called steelite. It does not lend itself well to shaping and forming.

Her enigmatic face compositions have earned their way into the National Gallery of Canada.