CBC TV - Spotlight on Goota and Joe Jaw Ashoona

CBC television recently aired "CARVED IN STONE SANANNGUAQTIT". This is a documentary that explores the "New" Inuit art. 

goota ashoona

Goota Ashoona and her son Joe Jaw Ashoona, were two of the Inuit carvers  selected to represent this current evolution of Inuit art.

This is a dream opportunity for any artist; this international acclaim and exposure will almost certainly catapult Goota and Joe's careers as respected carvers in the Inuit art world. 

I have been an admirer of Goota and Joe's work for many years! Goota and her husband Bob Kussy have carved some of the most exquisite bone pieces for me. 

Their Migration Boat (featured below) is the most exquisite piece I have ever had. This was a Benchmark Masterpiece and I still wish I had given it a permanent home.  

goota ashoona

What if you had taken the chance on Goota's boat?  A carving that could one day outshine Joe Talirunilli"s (1893-1976) famous Migration Boat series.

Are you a collector who is looking for that special carving? The one that will exceed all expectations?


I don't want you to miss this opportunity!

We are so proud to be able to present to you one of the large Joe Jaw Ashoona bears that was featured in the CBC documentary.

This MAGNIFICENT moss coloured bear is rare because of its large size (600 lbs) and even more rare because Joe has not been able to carve for a few years.  Read our description of Joe's bear "Bear of the Century" (pg 3 All Carvings).

Joe Jaw Ashoona

We had three of Joe's large bears in the last year. This is the last one available.  The fact that it was in the documentary, gives it a provenance that will make it an investor's dream.

Always choose what you love.

We have one other Joe Ashoona treasure. This is also a rare gift because it is not often a large bear is carved from bone.

Joe's 22" Striding Bear carved from whalebone, is breathtaking in its realistic details. This is a carver who understands the nature of a bear. There is no other artist who loves this creature like Joe Jaw Ashoona.

Goota comes from a family of famous Inuit artists (printers and carvers).  

Her 30" Female Spirit in whalebone is a dramatic representation that evokes raw emotion and deep respect for the nature of women.  It is carved in a realistic style typical of Goota's innovative talent. BUT this piece harbours a secret! 

When the sculpture is viewed from the opposite side, Goota has cleverly carved a more primitive childlike image of the female spirit into the bone. She has lead the viewer from childhood to womanhood.  

I predict that Goota and Joe's works will become even more popular and coveted now that they have received this national acclaim.

goota ashoona

Joe's green bear will be accompanied by a Provenance documenting its unique history on the CBC.  

(Don't be afraid of its size. We will help arrange the logistics around shipping and layaway plans are available).


Inuit carving is slowly but surely receiving the recognition it deserves. You are witness to that evolution.  Here is a chance to document it in your collection.

Here is a chance to be part of Canadian art history.

I appreciate your Support.