Why our Logo?

Over the years at Inuitgifts, we have streamlined, modernized and perfected our logo. Regardless of these many changes, one thing that has always stayed the same is the Loon with a red eye.

As it graces our website, packaging and all other branding that we use (including my coffee mug at home), the prominence of the Loon reminds us of our beginnings back in 2007. It was then that I met for the first time, world famous Inuit carver Jimmy Iqaluq in Sanikiluaq. As a bush pilot, I flew on a regular basis to this small community In the Hudson Bay. When I saw one of Jimmys loons at the CO-OP, I knew I had to meet him.

As I entered his house, a relationship with trust was immediately formed. He speaks very little english but we were still able to communicate. Because of the astonishment I felt for his Loons, and because it was one of the first significant pieces I purchased, I decided it was only natural to have it as our Logo.At Inuit gifts, the natural harmonious and graceful disposition of the Loon is how we like to treat our clients.  

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  • Greg says...

    Within my travels to several Inuit Communities I accumulated a number
    Of carvings. One in particular of a 10" loon by Jimmy Iqaluq .
    I had opportunity to purchased from a Northern Store or directly from the Carver when the local stores stopped their purchases from the Carvers .
    I never bartered and usually gave by offer based on store carver purchaser appraisals.
    I do not have Igloo Tags but, several have Store Carving Numbers.
    I have Dancing Bears. walrus, narwhal, loons, etc.
    I have decided to dispose of up to 25 carving . None are large – less than 12". How do I go about doing this?

    November 29, 2016

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