16" Drum Dancer by Pootoogook Jaw *Booming*

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Pootoogook Jaw

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Inuit art: Drum Dancer
Inuit Artist: Pootoogook Jaw
Size: ­­­­16" across, 14" tall (11" body), 5" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-6776Mbfjjy

**This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan.

Museum quality Carving!  Fantastic Movement!

I'm not sure I've ever seen a drum and drum stick as large or as sublime as these ones!

Look at the decoration of the drum stick.  It is beautifully carved and very large.

When that stick connects with that drum? 

I suspect the sound is deafening.

Pootoogook has been able to carve this female dancer with such enthusiasm and intensity. 

Her long braids are swinging from side to side keeping time with her legs as she jumps from side to side and also up and down. 

It takes physical strength and endurance to dance, drum and sing.  The passion the Inuit have for telling their history and their stories is humbling. 

Drum dancing has been a critical element of Inuit life for centuries.

This is a fantastic world class centrepiece.

The stone is a lush deep green and black colour.

The drum attracts the light glowing like metal. The lines and curvatures are absolutely perfect. I have never seen a drum dancer quite like this.

This piece is so fluid it makes you want to move and jump.

When a piece of art has that effect on you, you know you have met something very special.

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