10" Shaman by Charlie Ookpik Gjoa Haven *Hipnosis*

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Charlie Ookpik

$2,240.00 CAD

Inuit art: Shaman Face 
Inuit Artist: Charlie Ookpik
Size: 9.5" high, 4.5" wide, 3.5" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 201/24
Stone: Serpentinite
id: c-072

**This Item is Eligible for Our 0% Interest Layaway Plan

Hipnosis personifies the spirit of the Gjoa Haven carvers.

The carvings are renowned for their eccentric facial expressions, humor and exaggerated bodies.

The artists too are humorous and innovative!

No other artists in the Far North are so easily identified by their Signature style (the Grotesque style).

Hipnosis is smooth, glossy and cool to the touch.

The jet black stone reflects the light so that every feature of this face shines.

His eyes are mysterious and sly!

I love this piece! 

In my 16 years as a Curator of Inuit art, I have not seen such a compelling face! 

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