VINTAGE 16"Hunter & Bear by Noah Echalook RCA *Teeter Totter*

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Noah Echalook

$12,860.00 CAD

Inuit art: Hunter and Bear  c. 1980
Inuit Artist: Noah Echalook RCA
Size: 16" wide, 14" wide , 7" deep
Community: Inukjuak, QC 1/23
Stone: Soapstone
id: C-772850/50

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Vintage Masterpiece! Museum quality Carving!

We are so fortunate to have recently acquired some VINTAGE carvings from the 70s and 80s.

Echalook’s work is recognized for what has been described as "super-realism".

This is a technique where features of the carving, like the face, are slightly exaggerated but the details are still realistic.

Look at the eyes of the bear and the Inuk.

Noah has used inlaid bone to outline the eyes which makes them much more expressive. 

The bear's teeth are fierce and perfectly white!

Teeter Totter is a magnificent sculpture.

The dark green stone is polished to a glossy finish that allows the light to reflect off every luscious curve.

With the Inuk crouched across and below the bear. this pair really look like they are engaged in a game of Teeter Totter.

The bear's left arm is held in front of him as if he is bowing to the Inuk, accepting a dance.

Teeter Totter is a rare Vintage piece that is over forty years old.

How proud would you be to have a Vintage carving in your collection?

Noah Echalook is a respected Inuit carver who has been honoured with an RCA membership which means he has been found to be an important contributor to Inuit art.


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