Sparring Narwhals done in Muskox (Musk Ox) Horn by Tony Atsanik

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Tony Atsanik

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Inuit art: Sparring Narwhals
Inuit Artist: Tony Atsanik
Size: 9" long, 7" wide, 4" tall
Community: Qikiqtarjuaq, NU
Material: musk ox horn and black Marble stone
id: caps-862000448hjjy

NOTE: In the 12 years that I have been a curator of Inuit art, I have never seen a scene like this one: two narwhals, circling each other in preparation for battle!

Tony Atsanik has crafted his narwhals from pale pink muskox horn. This medium creates an ethereal effect.

The mood is serene as the narwhals circumnavigate their watery underworld, jabbing and sparring with their long tusks.

I love these scenes or “vignettes” because usually the story they tell is readily apparent. Details of Inuit life are depicted in these enchanting scenes.

These sculptures are esthetically pleasing AND teach us about Inuit culture.

How does Atsanik carve energy and movement into this sweet piece?

As if by magic, the narwhals glide by me, turning and circling, in their velvet silence.....

Is it even possible to have too many “vignettes” in your collection?

These pieces are wonderful gifts for those who may not be familiar with Inuit carvings but also, seasoned collectors admire and love to collect these engaging scenes.



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