Seal and Pups by Ejeetsiaq Pitseolak

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Ejeetsiaq Pitseolak

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Inuit art: Seal with Pup
Inuit Artist: Ejeetsiaq Pitseolak
Size: 10" tall, 8" wide. Weight: 5.6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: serpentine (polished to mirror shine)
id: dfa-7522Jhjjred


When you look at this sculpture, you see a very unique and original piece.

I have never seen an Inuit sculpture of a mother seal cavorting with her pups.

The young pups are clearly protected by the adult seal’s maternal instincts. She stays close by while they play in the cold Arctic water

Pitseolak has extracted innocence and purity from this stone. The viewer wants nothing more than to protect this vulnerable family.

The exquisite stone creates a three dimensional effect that has the viewer see the soft wet fur of the seal first and then the warm caramel brown stone.

Every curve is polished to perfection.

Every posture of this trio is lovingly sculpted.

What new parent wouldn’t adore this gift?


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