Narwhals by Joanie Eecheak

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Joanie Eecheak

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Inuit Artist: Joanie Eecheak
Size: 9.5­­­­" tall (including tusk), 5" wide, 1" deep
Community: Sanikiluaq
Stone: Argillite

This is a beautiful set of Narwhals from Sanikiluaq. It is made out of beautiful green argillite stone. The stone has dramatic wavy grains embedded throughout which makes a gorgeous soft pattern. Narwhals are animals that have always intrigued me. They are a species I never knew existed until I lived in the North. The narwhal tusks themselves get very high appraisal values.

What  I like about these two narwhals is they are a double composition. I like how there tusks are entwined. The stone is gorgeous, clean and smooth. It is native to Sanikiluaq. The proportions are also equally perfect and well balanced.

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