Life in an Igloo by Jimmy Iqaluq

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Jimmy Iqaluq

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Inuit art: Life in an Igloo
Inuit Artist: Jimmy Iqaluq
Size: 10" long, 4.5" high, 7.5" wide
Community: Sanikiluaq
Stone: Argillite

This is an exquisite museum quality piece by world famous Jimmy Iqaluq. This sculpture is very detailed and polished to a mirror shine. The subject is completely original and you can be assured when Jimmy retires from carving, this piece will be a centerpiece at an auction and will go for many thousands over.

This Igloo setting is a center piece for any Inuit art gallery as it is from the world famous Jimmy Iqaluq (top five Inuit artists in Canada). This carving is in 100% perfect condition, brand new. I admire the different stones and subjects set within the carving. There is much happening in this piece and lends itself to the audience intrigue and imagination of traditional Inuit life. This is what attracted me most to this piece.

Jimmy Iqaluq (1947 - present)

Community: Sanikiluaq

Solo exhibition:

"An exhibition of art by Jimmy Iqaluq of Sanikiluaq", Indian and Inuit Art Gallery in the offices of the federal department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Hull, Ontario, Canada, 2005

"Keeping Our Stories Alive: An Exhibition of the Art and Crafts from Dene and Inuit of Canada", Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 1995
"Belcher Island Sculpture", Robertson Galleries, Ottawa, Canada, 1980
"Belcher Island Sculpture", Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1981
"Sculpture from Belcher Islands", Images of the North, San Francisco, California, USA, 1981
"Belcher Island Community Sculpture", The Raven Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 1981
"Baffin Images", Orca Aart, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1989
"Kunstwerke der Inuit", Presented by CreARTion, Eppstein in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association of Canadian Studies at the Hotel am Badersee, Grainau, Germany, 1993
"Share the Vision", Philadelphians Collect Inuit Art, Art Space Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 1994
"Miniaturen", Inuit Galerie, Mannheim, Germany, 199

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