7" Curious Goose Famous Tukiki Manomie

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Tukiki Manomie

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Inuit art: Geese Family
Inuit Artist: Tukiki Manomie
Size: 7" long, 6" high
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Marble
id: j-52792cbe

Tukiki  (1952-2017) was one of the great first generation Master carvers.

He helped pioneer the Inuit art industry through the use of his beautiful illustrations and whimsical bird themes.

Tukiki Manumie is extremely famous for his whimsical compositions depicting Northern wildlife.

This curious goose is sitting on a rock, taking in all the scents and noise. At any moment a sudden movement or noise could cause it to fly away, but for the moment it feels safe.

Manomie's sense of humour was often evident in his pieces.  The extra long neck of this  goose gives it a childlike and charming appearance.

I love these first generation carvings that are so timeless they seem to have been carved just in the last few years.


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