9" Char Fish by Kakee Ningeosiak *Fast Friends*

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Kakee Ningeosiak

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Inuit art: School of Char Fish
Inuit Artist: Kakee Ningeosiak
Size: 9" wide, 7" high, 2" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Material: Serpentine, caribou antler (inlaid eyes)
id: dfa-6000Oadjjy

Magnificent Movement!

How does an artist manage to take multiples of the same subject, like these winsome Char fish and "arrange" them so beautifully?

Remember, the individual pieces are not placed one by one like an arrangement.

Instead, this is a single large stone from which the carver has removed pieces of stone until the sculpture emerges.

I believe that those of us who love Inuit art, never take for granted the skill of the artists who create these awe inspiring sculptures.  

Each carving is a miraculous treasure which is offered to each of us.

This piece depicts a school of beautiful young Char fish with inlaid eyes, frolicking in the Arctic Sea.

The enthusiasm of these juvenile fish is contagious.  They swirl around each other, bumping and pushing, not unlike human children.

Why has Kakee placed a green fish in amongst the three black fish? 

Is it simply to break up the predictability of using the same colour stone for each fish or is does he have a deeper motive?

What story does this carving tell you? 

There is something extraordinarily freeing about about the migration patterns of Arctic Char, particularly their movements to and from the river mouths.

This piece conveys a wry hipness.

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