9" Standing Polar Bear by Adrian Arnauyumayuq *Eggs Over Easy*

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Adrian Arnauyumayuq

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Inuit art: Polar Bear Hunting Bird Egg 
Inuit Artist: Adrian Arnauyumayuq
Size: 8.5" long, 5" high, 3" wide 
Community: Arctic Bay, NWT
Stone: Dolomite
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Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Piece!

Adrian's Polar Bear Hunting a Bird Egg is a realistic portrayal of a polar bear’s life.

Our bear is walking on the polar ice searching for her next meal. She is a carnivore.

Her preferred diet is seal, but she will eat eggs. 

Scrambled or easy over.

The face of this bear is so engaging.

It has an unusual colouration in that the muzzle Is a mottled dark gray. The darker muzzle places more emphasis on the small eyes and ears so the viewer is completely focussed on the face.

And this face is full of emotion. Wistful and tired. This egg would be a welcome treat.
This style of composition can only be achieved by a Master carver.

Once or twice a year, we receive a carving that is quite frankly, special.

This determined Arnauyumayuq Polar bear is museum quality.

The astonishing features, the movement, the rustic white and gray stone.

Every feature of this carving is mesmerizing and culminates in a masterpiece sculpture.

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