VINTAGE 9" Inuks on a Swing by Leo Irkok *Whee!*

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Leo Irkok

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Inuit art: Inuks Swinging
Inuit Artist: Leo Irkok
Size: 9" long, 3.5" high, 4" wide 
Community: Arviat, NU 19
Stone: Caribou Bone
id: ndc-37-163949ahjy

**Note Caribou antler bone is not restricted by the Canadian Government.  It can be shipped outside of Canada.

What??!!!  Inuks doing chin ups??!!

Take a long look at these two Inuks.  They are so delightful.

Their square heads and bodies and toothpick arms give them a winsome industrial look.

They seem confused and not sure of why they are hanging from the overhead rod.

How many of us have had that same emotion?  "What the heck is going on"?? All of us.

I love how Leo has set the scene on a caribou antler.

There is something so beguiling about these small Inuit life vignettes.

This piece will always make you smile.


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