10" Beluga Whale by Louie Uttaq Gjoa Haven *Splendor*

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Louie Uttaq

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Inuit art: Beluga Whale
Inuit Artist: Louie Uttaq
Size: 9.5" long, 6" high, 6" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Stone: Serpentinite 
id: c-037

Isn't the "aerial" view of this Beluga incredible?

Can't you imagine being in a helicopter, on a whale watching expedition and seeing this magnificent animal swimming near the surface of the ocean just beneath you?


Uttaq obviously understands the essence of the Beluga.

Every one of his Beluga sculptures are heart rendering in their obvious love and respect for this creature.

Did you know that Belugas are an Arctic species that have adapted to their environment by having no dorsal fin which allows them to swim under the ice with ease.

This would be an extraordinary gift for a wedding, especially to someone who is new to Inuit art because this sculpture has such universal appeal.


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