8" Standing Bowhead Whale by Nungusuitok Qadjuajuk

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Nungusuitok Qadjuajuk

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Inuit art: Orca Whales 
Size: 5" high, 4" wide, 2.5" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
Inuit Artist: Nungusuitok Qadjuajuk
id: dfa-7939Kabjjy

This dynamic Bowhead whale carved by Nungusuitok, has been suspended forever in time in a dramatic breaching position.

In this vertical position, with head up and tail down, the whale breaks through the water’s surface to breathe.

This breach position can also be a signal of dominance or courting or a warning of danger to the members of the pod.

This magnificent rendition of an Bowhead whale,  I believe is engaging in an act of play. Flippers symmetrically placed in a slight downward position with snout reaching to the sky, this Bowhead whale has a mischievous aura!

This carving is immaculate in its proportion.  The dark gleaming stone gives the impression of water dripping from the mammal’s skin.  Combined with the perfectly etched gills, Nungusuitok has given this sculpture the lifelike dimensions of a real whale!

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