8” SIGNATURE Walking Bear by Tim Pee *Mattie*

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Tim Pee

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Inuit art: Walking Bear
Inuit Artist: Tim (Timothy) Pee
Size: 8” long, 4” high, 3” wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 7/23
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-221-1266109adjjy

**Tim Pee SIGNATURE Walking Bear carving

Masterpiece Sculpture! Magnificent Movement!

Just as the name Henry Evaluardjuk became synonymous with wonderful walking bears, Tim Pee's name is intimately connected to this style of walking bear.

Tim's bears are ample in the hind end but still sleek and athletic.

Tim is one of those special artists whose style is immediately recognizable by Inuit art enthusiasts.

Pee's medium size Walking bears are unmatched in their beauty. 

Mattie's colour is exquisite.

Deep, dark and delicious, unexpectedly the right side of the bear bursts with glorious speckles of gold and medium green!

Mattie has al the  requisite features of a Tim Pee bear . . . the elongated head, the pointed muzzle, round etched eyes, perfect upright ears, and perfectly proportioned powerful body.

You can understand why so many collectors admire Tim Pee and have several of his bears in their collections. 

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