8" Muskox (Musk Ox) Love Birds by Buddy Nutik Alikamik

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Buddy Nutik Alikamik

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Inuit art: Loon
Inuit Artist: Buddy Nutik Alikamik
Size: 8" tall, 7" wide, 7" deep
Community: Ulukhatok
Material: musk ox horn
id: 816000217iejy


It is difficult not to be gobsmacked by the sheer beauty of this sculpture.

It is not just that these birds are carved with extraordinary skill and sensitivity; the artist who created this work bestowed on it not only a high degree of naturalism, he gave it the breath of life.

This sculpture is a labour of love.

The birds’ faces are beautifully framed by the brilliant, electric and softly undulating pinkish red muskox horn. The lovebirds are balancing on an apple green perch and appear to be searching the ground. Are they looking for their offspring?

Buddy Alikamik is a magician with muskox horn. We are honoured to also have his enchanting Happy Couple Faces in the gallery as well.

Muskox horn carvings are delicate and graceful. Their energy is gentle and carries a lightness not usually found in stone carvings.

These birds would be a thoughtful anniversary or wedding gift.

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