8" Hawk by Damien Iquallaq *Indestructible Love*

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Damien Iquallaq

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Inuit art: Hawk
Inuit Artist: Damien Iquallaq
Size: 7.5" tall, 7" wide, 7" deep
Community: Cambridge Bay, NU 21
Stone: Multi media, whale bone
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Masterpiece Sculpture!

U.S. buyers cannot purchase this piece due to whale bone restrictions from Canadian Government Customs. We ship only to a Canadian address.

This is the most dramatic bird carving I have ever seen!

Our mother hawk is screaming to the world "Keep away from my babies"!

I have never seen a sculpture posed in a way that you can taste the venom and danger coming away from this confrontational bird.

She will willingly die to protect her offspring.  Guaranteed!

Look at the detail Damien has carved into the wings of our hawk.

Damien's imagination and creativity is beyond belief.

He has crisscrossed the wings behind the back, simulating a human with their hands clasped behind their back and pacing back and forth.

This is authority!

This is a bird with power and determination.  Predators....think twice before you approach!

Damien has masterfully carved this hawk to look as if it will lift off and fly with the smallest provocation.

The color of the stone is soft and pure but it is the impeccable details that make this carving stand out. Riveting eyes, and facial features teeming with emotion.

Even the eggs are beautiful.

Damien is an innovative multi-media carver. His admiration for this hawk is unquestionable. 

This would be an incredible gift for a proud parent. Or a birdwatcher.


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