VINTAGE 7" Eskimo Face by Mary Tutsiutok *Visage*

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Mary Tutsiutok

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Inuit art: Inuk
Inuit Artist: Mary Tutsiutok
Size: 7" across (6" wide), 6" high, 4" deep
Community: Baker Lake, NU 9/23
Stone: Bazalt
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Born in Arviat (NU), Mary Tutsiutok is an Inuk sculptor and seamstress.

What makes her carving style unique is the introduction of beadwork in her sculptures.

And unlike many of her contemporaries, she only carves with manual tools.

She learned to carved under the tutelage of her famous mother-in-law Lucy Tasseor Tutsuitok.

Mary's signature is her celebration of the family.

This Inuk face is stunning in its rawness.

The colourful beads are an unexpected surprise.

Suddenly the face is alive and energetic. 

The natural beauty of the stone and the rudimentary lines of the carving are magnificent.

Visage is a great emotive sculpture unique to the Inuit artists from this isolate community.

Inuit art enthusiasts cherish these pieces because of their raw, primitive style that are a reminder of decades gone by.

Yet, at the same time, they are appreciated for their minimalist, ultra modern style.

Mary's work is admired for its honesty and simple beauty.


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