7" Swan by Ning Ashoona *Sleek Beauty*

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Ningeosiak Ashoona

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Inuit art: Swan
Inuit Artist: Ningeosiak Ashoona
Size: 8" across, 5" high, 1.5" wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 6/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-229-1269500ebjy

Swans are a popular sculpture among Inuit art enthusiasts.

I believe their grace and elegance calms the mind. 

At first glance, Ning's swan seems simple.  Maybe even too simple.  But then, as you focus on the warm caramel coloured stone, you begin to appreciate the complexity of the lines of the bird.

A slight indentation in the back defines the body from the tail feathers.

The beak is long and slim which elongates the head and the nearly impossibly long neck.

The water of course is invisible but you KNOW this majestic swan is quietly floating on a calm and tranquil lake.

Ning Ashoona's swans are stunning.  They evoke emotion and perhaps even memories of the swans you saw as a child. 

Beautiful white, slightly intimidating swans. 



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