7" SIGNATURE Owl by Pits Qimirpik *Bud*

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Pitseolak Qimirpik

$4,280.00 CAD

Inuit Art: Owl
Inuit Artist: Pitseolak (Pits) Qimirpik
Size: 7" tail to beak (6" vertical), 4" wide, 4" deep
Community: Kimmirut, NU 03/24
Stone: Serpentine (very unique and original color)
id: b-32775bjjjy

**This Item is Eligible for our 0% Interest Layaway Plan.

**Pitseolak Qimirpik SIGNATURE Owl Carving

Incredible Colour!  Masterpiece Sculpture! 

Pits Qimirpik's offers 2 gifts to the Art world.

His world famous Owls are unlike any other Inuit Owl carvings in their APPEARANCE and EXECUTION.

The COLOURS of Pits' Owls are stunning.  The stones he finds are truly ONE OF A KIND! 
Have you been lucky enough to see his Owls that have washes of PINK or MAUVE hues withing the GREEN?

I have seen ONLY Pits use that particular stone!
Qimirpik's SIGNATURE Owls are, in my opinion, the best in the world. 

Bud, in all his green glory, (with complex underlying freckles and speckles of a myriad number of varying shades of green) is a stunning ambassador for all Qimirpik's Owls.

The realism, the colour and the majestic nature of Qimirpik's Owls keeps us coming back for more.

Pits carves small, medium and large Owls, each with their distinctive style.


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