7" Shaman Face by Charlie Ookpik Gjoa Haven *All the Better to Hear You With*

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Charlie Ookpik

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Inuit art: Shaman Face
Inuit Artist: Charlie Ookpik
Size: 6.5" high, 4" wide, w" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven
Stone: Serpentinite
id: c-052

I can't recall having seen an Inuit sculpture with such outstanding ears.

Why would Ookpik focus the viewer on the ear?

Symbolically, the ears are considered the seat of memory, receptivity, inquisitiveness and awakening.

Our Shaman uses his ears as a "channel of interpretation". 

With his ears he is able to hear beyond the physical world. 

This is power! To be able to listen to the messages of the spirit world. and use their lessons to guide his people. 

A Shaman with large ears are thought to be always listening and filtering out words that may try to poison the mind.

A Shaman with large ears has prestige and power.

He is truly a sage.

I love the "other worldliness" of this Oopik sculpture. 

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