7” Inukshuk by Johnny Pootoogook *Lofty*

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Inuit art: Inukshuk
Inuit Artist: Johnny Pootoogook
Size: 7" high, 6” wide, 2” deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 21
Stone: Fieldstone 
id: 7688-C50

There is something special about this Inukshuk.

"Lofty"s* long gangly legs are constructed with multiple stones of varying sizes and shapes.
It brings to mind the long somewhat comical legs of a flamingo or the unearthly long legs of a runway fashion model..

And then, the golden hues of the stone are rich and luxurious.

There are so many Inukshuks to choose from. 

Each has its own spirit and heart.

This Inukshuk stands tall well above the pack. 


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