7" Drum Dancer by Henry Nakoolak *Devoted Passion*

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Henry Nakoolak

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Inuit art: Drum Dancer
Inuit Artist: Henry Nakoolak
Size: ­­­­7" high, 3" wide
Community: Coral Harbour, NU 19
Stone: Whale Bone & Media
id: caps-830001303djjy

U.S. clients cannot purchase this piece due to whale bone restrictions from Canadian Government Customs.  We ship only to a Canadian address.

What is drum dancing?

Originally, drum dancing was thought to be spiritual.  It was the means to contacting  spirits of the hunt or for protection.

The Inuit gave up their shamanistic practices when they became Christians. 

Drumming, dancing and singing is the manner in which each of the First Nations communicates its own myths, legends, stories and songs.

"Only in their stories do we hear the People themselves speaking about their world." Ruth Whitehead 1988

Our Inuk is drumming with passion.  By the expression on his face, I think he is arousing intense happiness and exhilaration in his comrades. 

Every fibre of our Inuk is focussed on the dance. He is devoted to his role in carrying on the oral traditions of the Inuit people.

Drum dancers are a common subject in Inuit art. 

I appreciate the small size of this dancer. For collectors with limited space, the compact size of our dancer is ideal. 

Or this would be an ideal sculpture to gift to someone who is just starting to collect Inuit art. 

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