7" 2 Way Dancing Bear by Kooyoo Peter *Popsicle*

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Kooyoo Peter

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Inuit Art: 2 Way Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Kooyoo Peter 
Size: 7" across (6" vertical), 5" wide, 2" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 2/24
Stone: Serpentine
id: 6889Rgjjy

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Electrified Colours!

Did you take a big breath in when you saw Popsicle's arrays of colour?!

When you have that visceral reaction to a piece, you know you have just been inspired.

Popsicle is RARE.

His top is orange and his lower body is a sizzling green colour.

I can't recall seeing that distribution of colour in a Dancing bear.

I love how Kooyoo has managed to carve both a dancing and marching movement into this sweet bear. 

Popsicle is a 2 way Dancing bear which means he can stand and dance on either foot.

This style requires patience and talent on the part of the artist as the balance of these sculptures is difficult to achieve.

Kooyoo Peter is one of the those talented artists who can achieve this accomplishment.

Have you fallen in love with this endearing bear?

He will be the talk of your collection!

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