7" Screaming Arctic Fox Gjoa Haven Louie Uttaq

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Louie Uttaq

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Inuit art: White Fox
Size: 7" long, 5" high, 2" wide
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Stone: Alabaster
Artist: Louie Uttaq
id: c-088

Male foxes make a sound like a triple bark when they are claiming their territory. (Hey, Sport, this is MINE)!

But foxes are capable of producing a very frightening scream which can sound like a human crying for help.

These screams are very loud and high-pitched.

The fox is not trying to scare or annoy you. They are screaming and barking to communicate with each other. (And you thought some humans have an irritating tone of voice).

An Arctic fox is not a very common Inuit carving.

A screaming fox sculpture is even more rare.  

It is no surprise that Louie Uttaq from Gjoa Haven is the creator of this brilliant white Arctic fox.

The Gjoa Haven artists always seem to be one step ahead of the other art regions when it comes to imagination and a unique point of view.

The gleam and sparkle of this white stone is exceptionally alluring.

We were quite delighted to receive this perfect piece.

The highlight of this piece is its purity.

See our notes on the Gjoa Haven Collection.

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