6" Narwhal by Tony Atsanik *Freckles*

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Tony Atsanik

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Inuit Art: Narwhal
Inuit Artist: Tony Atsanik

Size: 6" long, 4" wide, 4" tall
Community: Qikiqtarjuaq, NU 9/22
Material: Muskox horn and stone
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Magnificent Movement!

The superstar feature of this vignette is its both its fragile serenity and the captivating freckling on the tail of the narwhal.

The sleek white narwhal glides through the quiet eeriness of its underwater home.

Is this a lonely existence for this creature or does our narwhal welcome the opportunity to be alone?

I love the brown freckling on the tail of the narwhal.  It compliments the brown colour on the "floor" of the Arctic Sea.

Could it be that the narwhal is sprinkling its essence throughout the water as it glides home?

Tony Atsanik is a carver who is enamoured with narwhals.

His narwhal sculptures are a beautiful tribute to this unusual Arctic marine mammal.


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