7" Shaman by Samonie Toonoo *Break Dancing Spirit* Samonie Toonoo

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Samonie Toonoo

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Inuit art: Shaman
Size: 7" tall, 7" wide, 1.5" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine, bone antler
Inuit Artist: Samonie Toonoo

This piece is part of a series of the late Samonie's last works made before his recent death. Samonie shared a commonality with the late Annie Pootoogook in that he stylized his crafts to portray the daily struggles of today's Inuit.

In Pop Culture terms, this piece depicts an Inuk who is break dancing. This is the only Inuit piece I have seen break dancing.  I fell in love with it immediately. 

In formal terms, this piece is an inspired assemblage of form and line; it is harmonious and quite sophisticated.

If I was to describe this piece in one word it would be "Timeless".

Samonie carved this piece in 2016  but you would never know by looking at it.

Is this a first generation piece or modern avant-garde?

The viewer must decide. This piece will hold its disposition for eternity. 

The foliage of hair nestled between between the stone hood and the bone face showcases the many mediums used in the sculpture.

This is a innovative sculpture that some day could easily find its way into a Art Museum.


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